Rail Takedowns

The primary goal of this course is to introduce beginners and advanced practitioners alike to the art of the Rail Take Down. 

  • Achieve a strong understanding of Rail Positioning.
  • Learn primary offensive grappling skills from the rail.
  • Be able to apply judo and MMA techniques in armor. 
  • Gain a strong base to advance to more technical skills.
  • Improve your overall game on the field.
  • Get techniques developed by the best fighters in the world.


  • Literally everyone who does armored combat. This course is for buhurt, duels, or even fighting OUT of armor. The skills you learn are translatable to a multitude of environments. 
  • You might be thinking, that you already have a strong skill set. But the reality is that the best fighters are consummate learners. 
  • Think of it like this… Most fights end up in a grapple. If you’re grappling is your weak point, you’re probably gonna lose the fight.

Learning new skills online can be intimidating. But don’t worry! This course is designed with lots of video assistance to help walk you through the necessary skills needed. You’ll feel confident in your ability to use what you’ve been taught here. Rail take downs are the foundation of fighting in armor in today’s combat arenas. You MUST have a strong base of this skill or you’re bound to be fodder for the skilled grapplers out there. 

I have spent a lot of time deconstructing what it takes to learn how to grapple, take people down and fight from scratch. I’ve got over 25 years of BJJ, JUDO and MMA experience that I’m bringing to the armored combat table. 


Intro and Foundational Work

Rail Takedown Intro
5 minutes

Lets take a look at all the things we're going to learn. This is an overview of all the stuff in the course.

Footwork and Stance
Pinning your opponent to the rail
Quiz: Takedown basics
4 questions

The Takedowns

Judo for Buhurt
Standard Rail Throw
The Hump and Bump
Double Leg and Single Leg Takedown
Osoto Gari from the Rail
Test your takedown knowledge

Partner Assisted Takedowns

Who is a partner
When to attack
Head rip basics


Summary of what you learned
Final: do you know your stuff?
Take downs are the basis of winning in armored combat. Having a strong foundation of grappling and take downs is the key to success. This course is for you!
While you can take this course category on its own, it is recommended that you take all of the Buhurt classes as one big bundle.

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