Basics of Hand Fighting in Armor

The goal of this course is to teach you some basic concepts of using your hands while in armor. You’ll learn simple defensive techniques coupled with general concepts on how and where to keep your hands to set you up for strong offensive maneuvers.  

This is a beginner level course designed to introduce you to the ideas and concepts of armor fighting. It will help you build a platform of knowledge to strengthen your skills, get you better at fighting and up your game. Knowing WHAT to do in order to defend yourself is just as important as knowing how to attack and react to contact while fighting in armor.

Main Features

  • Achieve ground level understanding of hand fighting.
  • Learn the triangle defense technique.
  • Utilize hand position to initiate positive escape techniques.
  • Become better at defending yourself while on the rail. \
  • Be able to incorporate push-pull tactics while hand fighting.
  • Begin your armored combat journey. 

Why is this class important?

  • You might think that you don’t need to learn anything about hand fighting. Being able to identify weaknesses in your game and strengthen overall skill sets is important for every level of fighter. 
  • Hand Fighting Basics is designed to give you some basic knowledge but also introduce you to the format of ACA instruction. Here, you’ll learn that LEARNING is what makes a great fighter good. It isn’t just raw talent and skill. 

Take the time to go through the course (IT’S FREE) and get to know the instructional methodology. You’ll realize that this course will give you tidbits of information that can help anyone at ANY level. 


What is Hand Fighting?

Description of hand fighting and how it can help you.

When do you do it?

Know when to hand fight... know when to disengage.

Hand fighting video

Video on Hand Fighting Part One.

Triangle Defense

What is the Triangle Defense?
10 minutes.

Understanding the basics of the triangle defense before you watch the video.

Triangle Defense Video
5 minutes

Video on how to do and use the triangle defense. This is a beginner level video with basic information.

Hand Positioning

Why Does Hand Positioning Matter?

Learn the basics of hand positioning for armored combat. A skill that is often overlooked.

Hand Positioning Video

Basic Offensive Technique

The Concept of Push and Pull
Push and Pull Video

Put It Into Practice

Hand Fighting Drills for you and your team
Hand fighting is primarily a defensive technique used in armored combat. Using it will help you to keep your body in a strong position and also set you up for offensive moves.
All top tier fighters in armored combat utilize hand fighting and training techniques.
No, hand fighting is adapted from modern wrestling and MMA techniques. Many high level fighters believe that knights and strong fighters from medieval times had their own version of hand fighting.
Yes. As in the third FAQ, this skill is adapted from current MMA and wrestling techniques. Being able to hand fight will help you in all of your hand to hand combat skills.
YES! This course is just for you. While many "seasoned" fighters still don't know how to hand fight extremely well. You can set yourself up as a cut above by learning some of the most basic skills and practicing them with a partner.

Take the time to learn something cool!

This course is updated annually to make sure that you are getting the best instruction available.


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